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Laser Surgery Capitol Dermatology

An office procedure room is available for various surgical procedures including the dermatologic surgical removal of skin cancers, moles, and cysts. All of our procedures are performed with topical or injected anesthetics for your comfort. Most patients are able to return to work the day of their procedure.

Dr. Sander uses the Candela® VBeam laser to treat blood vessel lesions on the face and body. The laser is also useful for red stretch marks, scars, and certain birth marks.

Dr. Sander uses the Q switched ND:Yag laser to treat age spots and other brown discolorations on the face and extremities.

New! The Solta Fraxel® Dual laser provides two frequencies of energy to treat the skin: 1550 nm and 1927 nm. 1550 nm is good for fine lines and acne scarring. 1927 nm is a new development that is good for treating skin discoloration and dark spots. Both frequencies of energy can be used at the same session giving the patient optimal results. Get more information...


The EndyMed PRO® 3DEEP® device offers a non-invasive, virtually painless and fast treatment for skin tightening, using proven radio frequency technology. Energy is delivered to the deepest layer of the skin to stimulate new collagen production and erase the signs of aging.
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  The EndyMed PRO® 3DEEP® has been featured on ABC's The Doctors.Click to watch...

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