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New Patients

  What to bring with you to your first appointment...
  1. New Patient Forms - Please fill out prior to appointment
    (click on the form name below to view/print...)
    Financial Policy
    Patient Medical History
    New Patient Information
    Notice of Privacy Practices and Acknowledgement

  2. Current insurance card

  3. Photo ID or Driver’s License

  4. List of all current over the counter and prescription medicines

  5. Form of payment for Co-Pay, Deductible or Fee for Service (cash, personal check, Visa, Mastercard, HSA debit card)

  6. Dermatology History Information

  7. Copies of previous biopsy reports

  8. Photographs of your skin problem

  9. List of medications you have use to treat your problem

  Things to Avoid...
  Don’t wear makeup if your dermatology problem is on your face. Or if you must wear makeup, please be prepared to remove it for the examination. You may reapply makeup after your examination.
  Don’t wear self-tanning products prior to a complete skin examination. This may change the pigment appearance of your moles and make examination of your moles more difficult.

  Learn more about...      
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